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I am the Essence of Bald. Also I do a lot of presentations. Also a big geek.

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Daughter's science project 90% done, shout out to and Python :)


greetings from consuelo's! Guess what is in the glass?

I thought of you!

I thought of you!

Best. Letterpress. Ever. #turducken

Siri is fast, go bucks, great game!

Still going! (Although I'm pretty sure Henry started cheating somewhere around CYTISUS) #letterpress

Refund, plus roses, plus a gift card - knows how to fix a screw-up!

FYI this NaCl is GMO free! #facepalm

enjoying 'why Romney lost' - on Paperwhite text is gray, other books are black, formatting issue?

Got extra rings for my iPhone lens kit from for the iPhone 5. Demanded stickers. They delivered!

Gotta be able to make fun of yourself

My illegal import has arrived! cc

Using AirPlay to watch the Curiosity coverage with both the hangout and the official nasa feed!

Found this Microsoft book in a box today. Funny how times change. (cc )

Best bay area rush hour commute ever

Apparently horseradish used to be a Big Deal

Love the graphics on this old Four Seasons NYC matchbook

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