Undefeated from my recliner. Gibble fisted. I don't really* care about sports, I just like drinking beer outside. Direct all complaints to @MasonMB.

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Solid view.

Someone needs to come forward and claim responsibility for this tragedy.

This map, compiled by eBay, shows most frequently-purchased items on its site from each state. So many TN & CO jokes.

Dan Snyder approves.

‘Eers fans are cute. I remember when I learned the transitive property in first grade.

#NationalDogDay “Still waiting on my bacon mojito, asshole.”

speaking of Marshall, found this perusing boards today. Gave me a chuckle.

The funniest thing you’ll see all day. H/t



Challenge accepted.

Sushi wrapped in grouper and topped with crab and sriracha. Come at me bros.

Fucking Barners. Props to the creativity though. Didn’t know the DMV printed colons.

“Best #Foog in Florida.”

. was a real dick in Space Cowboys.

Oh dear, what have I stumbled into? #LeftyPride

I embrace my evil:

I’ve discovered the greatest chips on earth.

It appears Birmingham got a new CFL team.

“Barber, I’d like the Texas Chainsaw.” - Thomas Dimitroff.