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At mom's, with dog, hooray!

My grass in a cup desperately needs a decorative feather or two.. Life needs a bit more spark and colour!

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Today's "shake" - soon made into mush! Orange, apple, muesli, celery, mix of red berries (currants, raspberry), peas. X) It will most likely taste fruity and keep me from getting dehydrated + hungry while working. Oooh, I'll add some green tea to it for a caffeine boost too! YES! *excited*

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View from balcony, early March 2013.

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Feeling cosy, henna:ing the hair.

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I was busy doing something irl, but then a star fell and had to be mined.. :P #Runescape

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Yup, it's winter out there.

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Productive work this morning; the two stern-faced Finns liberate the faaabulous alien in the fallen star!

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My 2nd Hibiscus is going all flamenco on me!

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My humble yet delicious dinner of creamy spinach soup with cheesy doodle snacks. :P Perfect combo!

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Asparagus densiflorus! A little piece of forest indoors. X) Found it grocery shopping. It will act as a great counter-balancer in my room to all the soft leaf plants. Love it, reminds me of Asia. <3 Got like 50 houseplants already.. I suppose I'd be well matched with someone a bit more temperate in their houseplantings - then I can move in with them and houseplant the place to heck with my collection. ;)

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The Hibiscus is flowering again. <3

  • 917 days ago via site
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I got to do my favourite thing! Weeding!! <3 Limited amount of soil on island, but still, planting space. (Spot where I planted the chives. :P)

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Island view from inside the little house where my grandparents on dad's side used to live.

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A somewhat listless day to take pics, but here's my joy: offspring from the lizzies from work years ago,healthy and making plenty flowerbuds. <3 It's been a slow start due to a cold summer. Next to them are M's strawberry plants.

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I made a bouquet, the others made big flower crowns to wear. (Photo: living room)

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Needed more flour to make up for the amount of juice from the rhubarb,but yum,it's kinda like a not too sweet pie. Got home from town just now with fresh strawberries, bet they'll go great with this rhubarb bread stuff. :)

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Yo peeps yo! Back from running errands all day, oh how good it feels to just chill at home!

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Currently: break from study-work for planting & putting pots out on the balcony since it's warm enough now.

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Aura river earlier today. The walk was great, bright and blue skies, greeeen everywhere!

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