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What the.. my lashes turn all light in some places! How bloody inconvenient. #notbornwithitdefinitelymaybelline

  • 824 days ago via site
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Yes it's a sunny pleasantly cool Sunday today.. #Finland #spring

  • 824 days ago via site
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Update on the miracle-Hibiscus who was dead for almost half a year. The leaf is now the start of a branch. <3

  • 828 days ago via site
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Even the kitten knows cats have mighty powers.. #Runescape

  • 828 days ago via site
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I get my servings of fruit a day. Mango, mandarin, sea buckthorn berries & strawberries make an *awesome* mix!

  • 841 days ago via site
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The Hibiscus that has been dead since autumn has re-emerged victorious. I knew I sensed some life in it yet!

  • 849 days ago via site
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Alltså denna bok! Ska skaffa! Inger Edelfeldts Ja-trollet och Nej-trollet.

  • 862 days ago via site
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Ee!!! Look what arrived in the mail!! Perfect timing. :D It says "and I fell in love instantly". <3 Yes indeed.

  • 867 days ago via site
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My YesStyle order arrived. This is a fleece cape, seriously warm!! :D

  • 870 days ago via site
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This has been me most of today, out in the world by myself.

I was going to show my crazy colour co-ordination today, but the phone is too big for my hand, got fuzzy pics. :P

  • 875 days ago via site
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Being bunny! Had a raw food lunch.. or, uh, I ran out of time to cook.

  • 883 days ago via site
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Lunch! Brussel sprouts. After a not-so-filling meal I'm thinking they're prob not meant to be stand alone food.

  • 886 days ago via site
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My new year fortune looks like a female who feels the wind of the past pushing her in a new direction. #nyårslycka

  • 911 days ago via site
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Some days are just "I've GOT to eat some #rawfood or I'll keel over!". Carrots slightly softened, tho. #cravings

  • 928 days ago via site
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One doesn't just toss together a Christmas tree! Working on this year's design with sis (in pic).

Darkness-b-gone! And some newly fallen first real snow this winter in the background of the outdoorsy one.

  • 949 days ago via site
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That's not dew, that's evil. Poison-sprayed evil that is eating my rose bush. How dare they eat my roses!? -.-

  • 977 days ago via site
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Sister stopped by and gave me a shamanic bottle of health, among other things, for my birthday. ;)

  • 977 days ago via site
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Felt it was time to start rescuing plants from the balcony. The Impatiens is looking poorly and getting treatment from the light therapy lamp. Still got flowering Nasturtiums and a very healthy looking wildly flowering Pelargonium out there, among other things.. Don't kill them yet, frost! -.0

  • 1012 days ago via site
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