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Bat is back!!

  • 687 days ago via site
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Stormy, menacing clouds, bright blue sky, sunny - at the same time! My kind of weather! #allshalllovemeanddespair

  • 688 days ago via site
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Passionen är stark, de nya skotten är livskraftiga, jag tror på blomma i år igen. Cyros mår bra å.

  • 697 days ago via site
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T'was a lovely & frugal thought, but the yellow wildflowers are making my eyes itch & irritate airways. #bouquet

  • 697 days ago via site
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Warm again, time to put the kiwi (big leaved one) out! The mouse melon (smaller, underneath) might perk up too.

  • 701 days ago via site
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Sing-along: It's a part rainbow, not all the way. Mini-rainbow, omg.. #notsointense #meansitsrainingsomewhere

  • 703 days ago via site
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Adding details to the small one, fixing details on the large one.. Gets dark at past 10 pm, though, time to quit.

  • 707 days ago via site
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Next time no matter how much in a hurry I am, I'll peel it before freezing it.. #frozenbananabeyondreach #oops

  • 713 days ago via site
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The wax plant, porcelain flower, some variation of Hoya, is flowering for the first time. #pottedplants #flowers

  • 714 days ago via site
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Thunder and lightning. Squirrel is frozen in place, hiding by our window.

Tittar ut genom fönstret och vill skriva dikt om små gröna löv..

*looks out west window* Sunny & lovely, I'll take a walk after work! *looks out east window* Oh. 0.0

  • 724 days ago via site
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Vappenkatten rapporterar: många hatti-fnattar på Vårdberget. Run for the hills, nej, away from..! Hemmavapp nu.

  • 736 days ago via site
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One person's broken book going for the trash is another person's opportunity for a new beloved poster.

  • 737 days ago via site
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Is it just me or is spring's first storm on the way? #heatpressurelightningboom

  • 739 days ago via site
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Got my order (plus some extras) from Korpikangas Siemen-Frö ( ) a while ago, exciting!

  • 751 days ago via site
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Brought in some twigs from a cut down tree a while ago. Now they're paying off. Ah, #spring! #floweringtree

  • 751 days ago via site
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And so the former hypochondriac draws a formerly triggering body part.. :P #sketch #heart

  • 757 days ago via site
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Fast growth (2 days)!! #growlittlemonstergrow (I forget what it is. Smallish white flowers, 1 meter tall, branchy, grows from a root. Bought it from a year or two ago.)

  • 761 days ago via site
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Look, look, look!! Green, green, green!! Took almost a month. #spring #success #mango #seedling

  • 763 days ago via site
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