Joseph Puchalik


Freelance graphic artist, fixer of many things, photographic hatchet-man, self-appointed Pertinent Social Critic, outdoorsman of sorts, amateur hockey goon

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it's on!!!

Yea so the exhaust on my truck is held up by a coat hanger... #ghettocarrepair

#benching again as I leave Emerson...

Come to my garage sale and buy something goddamn you

Awwww yeyeah... My mind is going through them changes

Johnny Cash on Sun Records... 1st release?

This is a first for me at a garage sale... #weird

Share and enjoy. #hhgttg

Old man in front of linne at Post Office wearing daisy dukes #wtf

Since no else is answering... Lets try with this one...

this 1 has a handwritten note 2 u from someone calling herself 'Irish'


Vaclav Havel's 'Temptation'

Since is more responsive than Ill her if she remembers this

I *know* this one is you...

does this look familiar to you?

I CAN HAZ CHEEZBALLS!!!! They are gluten free #beyondpsyched

Its so hilarious... The bill not so much

As if she wasnt derpy enough... #yougotalampshadeonyourhead

The Easter Bunny brought us a usable attic this year...