Joseph Puchalik


Freelance graphic artist, fixer of many things, photographic hatchet-man, self-appointed Pertinent Social Critic, outdoorsman of sorts, amateur hockey goon

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Yeah I always thought he was hilarious too

I think this was most definitely my favorite part.

Whenever Muttley chews her treats, it is apparently critical for her to repeatedly change locations.

Never a good sign.

Passed out on the front porch... #PTFO

Stoop sittin' with my buddy

I am wearing pants. #yay

Pourin a basement today

I have added to my collection. #darkandscary

I am alone and scared. #holdme

No stickers!! Don't trust them.

So it seems my dogs instinct 4 murder is still quite active. She caught a groundhog in the yard & is playing soccer with its lifeless corpse

And this is the free boogie board i got when someone chucked it in my driveway

Awwww yeah #themothership

Awww man they knocked down the crack house!

Madness on Meisten St.!!

The dog has wedged herself in between the couch and table to take a nap with me

Inadvertent bite turns this lollipop into a skull #kooky

Yea so its monday. <yawn> #neverdrinkanythingbiggerthanyourhead

So hot this little guy just heat stroked out rt here on the sidewalk #africahot