dusty davis


The suck zoneā€¦is the point, basically, at which the twister sucks you up. 112 laps to go. he's a shithead douchelord and he always will be

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sometimes I think an office job wouldn't be that bad

Maybe I should straighten up my office drawers.

be glad you don't have to deal with this thing. 7042GSI/RDS-4? No thanks. Especially on Iron Bowl Saturday:(

Must be some chain title loan company, he does them here too

I am angry. Please allow me to show my displeasure in a calm, level-headed fashion.

It's raining, so I think I'll stay in my office

Side Work Saturday is in full effect

it's been right here for who knows how long, next to the can of touch up paint from the 70's


Impromptu cooler





this happened to me earlier

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