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Was cleaning out the closet -- here are some of the tech/geek shirts that are staying!

Took my kid to Crystal Cave today (childhood memory). What day trips from your youth do you share with yours?

look, directions and web site in a tiny square! QR adoption must be high for rafters.

mmm maple syrup? wish there were more local brands though

Ok first, how do I ditch my old Storm2 profile, and really, I can't rename these? #Playbook

Tablet Roundup? I really hoped the WebOS one would impress me more.

oops mine dropped too

sweet, best error message trying to comment on your phone update. < I chose "close"

Best logo ever: the Bridgewater Diner on Route 22!

Clearly not a replica.

would be jealous of those flavors but we have 4th of Gelati!

A 25 character alpha numeric passphrase with a remote? ugh for Roku setup

Bought a Roku? Early father's day gift. I know I'm behind the curve, don't watch much TV/movies

Odd graphic? No instructions on what to do with it? take a picture?

Delicious Fried Twinkie. Desert of champions.

I waited and waited for an employee but none showed up... Did it my darned self and left!

Keeping my maple syrup strong! /cc:

In South Jersey, they (a) call them Hoagies and (b) will make a *dip* out of a hoagie. #northerner

Here's the magazine that showed up randomly. Wonder what the ROI of it was...

a new rat today - I am surprised about the variety