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Senna was right. And it applies to many things, like #design.

Was this really a concert? Seems like such an odd combination of bands.

do you see me when we pass? I half die. #emotweet #driving #TheSmiths

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Last iPod song for the night. Only went from "Th" to "To" in 6 hours.

I've just realized the robot sums up the way I've felt for the past 3 years.

hell if i know! why don't you ask him yourself, Spotify?

i didn't know OSU had an official alumni "ass". i bet he makes fun of people, only talks about himself, etc.

Why do Apple Macbook power supply strain reliefs suck? I've only had this for a year.

I wouldn't trust that man with my dog. #maury

my sister just sent this pic of & a.k.a. Erasure playing in, of all places, Asheville, NC.

they are playing milli vanilli at wall st. Win.

Chinese takeout and this: a nerdy, somewhat sad, but kinda awesom night.

I just LOLd for 5m after reading this comic. You still got it, Parade magazine!

I don't know what this is, but I want one. Like a live one, so he can be my friend.

Or how about these Jean-Michel Cazabat's for $70? #shoes

or these black patent-y D&G heels, a bit more at $150. Super cute, though. #shoes

So these $700 Derek Lam's are $119 at DSW 161&Sawmill. Also lots of D&G on clearance. #shoes

The tag says it's from Best Buy. Also, look at dreamy Jon Moss!

. don't mess with a kid in a tie.