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Everyone was staring at this woman as she bought meat from the butcher counter.

Marvin Gaye's "Mercy Mercy Me (the ecology)"

Brothers jammin: guitar and sax.

Panic helps her.

Dusk on 315.

Eating a box of Nerds, found one that was naked. It turns out Nerds are just sugar crystals, candy coated. #surprise

Heading to Easton for retail therapy, I guess. Look! Sky at dusk. #twitpicsaturday

Well, that's kind of a sexist fortune. Actually it's not much of a fortune at all.

Sign at a check cashing place. Also, in lobby is a whole spread of rice krispie treats & caramel apples

awwww! and he has guinea pig friends :)

Awwwww! Look at this show guinea pig! So much hair!

This is a remodeled Burger King. If that middle pic was a meatball, they'd be an abstract #ATHF. #flamebroilmyfeelings

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. #notevenHalloween

Found tiny 4210 sticker in car. Have no idea where it's from. I'll give it to so it'll be tk's 421…0. #starwars

this is the squirrel at work. we feed him peanuts, and he hangs out outside the door. he's kinda the norm

Wait, this was an actual movie? Released in the theaters...?

But which turtle is this…?

We got a situation here w/Easton security and a Chrysler Town & Country. These almost-cops look serious.

Damn. It's fuckin' Christmas at The Container Store.

This Subaru Outback has license plate ECTO 10 & Ghostbusters logo on the side door