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Look who's in charge of America's Security! And Don't forget Valarie Jarrett BHO's closest advisor. In Trouble?YES

  • 1119 days ago via site
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Bill allows $150mil to sign up illegal immigrants to become citizens. 'ILLEGALS' don't deserve it!

  • 1119 days ago via site
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Illegal immigrants show no respect for USA or it's laws. They do not deserve a path to citizenship!

  • 1119 days ago via site
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This Photo tells it like it is "Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing"

  • 1126 days ago via site
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How I long for an "Empty Chair"

  • 1135 days ago via site
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You gotta love the VFW they are always willing to defend their country! #SOT #SOV #Troops #Military

  • 1157 days ago via site
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This picture says it all! #DefundObamaCare before it Defunds U.S.

  • 1171 days ago via site
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N.C. offers illegal aliens Drivers Licenses that state "NO LEGAL STATUS" and they complain. They want it all !

  • 1183 days ago via site
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Is this the new distraction from Benghazi, Fast & Furious, etc...
Marilyn Monroe did more for our #Troops than BO

  • 1246 days ago via site
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Benghazi Gate will never be forgotten! , remember their faces. These AMERICANS deserved better!

  • 1247 days ago via site
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A Christmas gift to all of us from Barack Obama and the Democrats. A free trip, off the fiscal cliff!

  • 1278 days ago via site
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It seems perfectly clear to me that this is the legacy Obama is hoping for!

  • 1290 days ago via site
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If there is something on your mind,you can't quite put a finger on,something on the tip of your tongue it might be

  • 1298 days ago via site
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I voted and am feeling mighty blessed right now. Did God do a great job or what!

  • 1298 days ago via site
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This photo & Is all you need to know before the polls open in th AM

  • 1299 days ago via site
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Tonight with this picture in your head, and after watching this video remember to VOTE!

  • 1299 days ago via site
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C'mon Obama, for once do the right thing. #Forward this letter to Congress

  • 1299 days ago via site
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#Forward HOOOO right on back to Chi town! Don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way outta town. See Ya

  • 1299 days ago via site
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A #MilitaryMonday #ShoutOut to all my followers. Thank You for all you do to support and defend our Great Country.

  • 1300 days ago via site
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The Muslim world wants the big evil (America) to collapse. Could Obama be a "Trojan Horse? Just a thought !

  • 1322 days ago via site
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