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Your issue isn't that bad, but it reminded me we have this posted in our editing suite:

What's wrong with it? This hair, for starters:

I love your enthusiasm, but I’m running out of mute filters. Any way you could hashtag NFL stuff?

Wow, when I said I would miss the cringe-worthy parts of the VGAs, this is not what I wanted.


Follow the link to view more details or to create your own Tweet Cloud:

And it goes on:

Mirror’s Edge 2 excitement took over my entire Twitter feed.

Mmm, sexy duck…

#Canucks down 1-0. That’s a shame.

Somehow the industry will never expect it when he throws the toothpick.

Yeah, that was pretty ridiculous! This Link is still my favorite large scale Perler figure.

This was my Halloween costume last year, complete with spring-loaded blades. So excited for AC3!

Must be great to work with #IndianaLucas

Must be awesome to work with #IndianaLucas

So sorry about what I did to you in this Photoshop…

Your profile pic inspired me. Look close - I even got Rob Koval in there! #IndianaLucas