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Professional Web Developer since the 90's PHP, JavaScript, jQuery. Actively engaged in the pursuit of excellence. learning node.js

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I have a 10oz silver bar I'd like to get to Willie on saturday, will he around?

heading your way Saturday 4/13 and have a 10oz silver bar from for you. You in town?

half gone already. Lettuce like there's no tomorrow. Delicious as always. Well done!

, it arrived!

here's hoping they come through for me with the lettuce. Not sure how much more clear I can be. :)

"That's all we know."

happy to be running with 8 GB now, thanks to

as fun as it seems to be for a lot of people to hate on #google, I still love them - took the test and google won.

I wonder if their #tests are failing.

#testdrivendevelopment #rails

comment on page reads: "Having had money, I know what it is to have nice things…"


check your phone call recordings. I specifically said "NO CREDIT CHECK ALLOWED." Any #lawyers want to help me?

the firefox browser just impressed me for the first time in 7 years. 3D inspector view. Check it out.

Kids are retarded balls of energy. Eddie said it.


Failure where self is concerned in our Christian life and service, is allowed

- courtesy of my sister who actually lives there: Dear Lenexa, on Saturday we saw a blue heron

shows topless man when unsubscribing from emails. #comeagain

called me an angel killer today. All I wanted to do was unsubscribe from their mailing list.

young fan in rootsuit at #finalfour #watchparty at allen field house in #Lawrenceks #KUbball

I didn't know Josh Powell grew a mustache.

i never signed up for this mailing list. I'm voting for #ronpaul, don't get #rickrolled - don't vote for the ricks

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