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#Sentinel1 inside the fairing,on top of the #Soyuz launcher with Fregat upper stage (pic from press kit)

#Sentinel1 mission profile

Even when practicing black magic, I guess you have to obey the signs of the time ;)

Got my Google Glass today.
I like its unobtrusive design and how one barely notices its presence…

Next: in A Pollo 11!

This is how the science geeks play in the #snow

#omnomnom :D

Somehow looks much better in this suit than I do :D http://www.flickr.com/photos/nasa2explore/12778323243/in/photostream/
Congrats on these pics!

Hey, first official pictures from of are out: https://plus.google.com/app/basic/stream/z134d5nhhubhvr3qp04cfxfwqq3ehfaqdko0k Must be exciting! #futura

#ISS streaks through a beautiful starry night sky!

Check out the table from . Even worse in the EU :-/

Happy Birthday ! If only I could get this cake to #SpaceFestVI (with proper nametag of course) :)

9 Planets as 1 - created back in the days when we still had nine (Art by Steve Gildea, posted on FB by AsapSCIENCE)

Hey , somebody leaked a pic from inside your house! ;-p

OK, I bow to the nerdiness of these parents! #StarWars #geek

Hey, came home to some amazing #libbymail! Thanks so much for the supernice words !

Remember: Don’t drink and drive!

Want to know more about LINAC? Click here —> https://www.gsi.de/en/work/fairgsi/linac_and_operations/linac.htm #ScienceTweetup