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Batman called me a faggot once.

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home now. Me and Booots say "hey"

Oh no mom found out about my relationship with dad!!!

A customer payed with two of these.

I took my top off and this dog opened her legs.

Me x3 #queen

Omg there are strippers in this coffee shop!!


Fixed it.

If we're not facebook friends then you just missed out on this popping up on your news feed.

Felt like it was super necessary to take a pic of this and share it with you guys

Look at my new trading cards!

Wasn't joking. This is more entertaining. I don't even like pancakes.

This is how those assholes take up the whole bed.

I have slowly started the worst trend ( and )

My dad is a weirdo

Read 's reaction when he found out he was the fifth, not fourth person to text me.

I took this while sitting on the toilet in this coffee shop. I'm very pissed no one told me I could bring a friend.

The coolness in this room just got raised by a million!!!

we hav di$ up in da office at work 2 motivate u$$

self portrait

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