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Hey - look where we are.

Mum & Dad are treating me to dinner. And after the hard work on the lights I think I deserve sake.

Waiting for brunch watching all the pretty people looking for brunch. #yyz

#election2012 party. Guess what side we are on?

I just do not understand this concept on Roncy. It looks like a bike lane but its not. #biketo

This restaurant is excellent. Best latte EVER. Barque on Roncy.




Here is the nosh buffet at the Junibracken.

Hey - does this get me my surströmming drink?

Alas poor Cornelius, I knew him well.


Waiting for the ferry.

Waiting for Jill and Geoff.

Summer cocktails Brockton-style.

Can you see the lake?

Free beer!

Hey - nom nom nom

Poor King Guatav. It's not a very exciting view. Still - he is doing waaaay better than the swan.