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Metis PhD student at Queen's. I can do 25 push-ups in 10 minutes.

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Just setting up to do colour for Queens/McMaster game @ 200 on CFRC.

Found this at the Kingston city centre gift shop. #thatshitsracist

Look who is coming to my hotel next weekend. #everybodysgotaprice

Pretty sunset on Lake Ontario tonight.

Saw this hanging on the wall in the local Sushi/Korean restaurant tonight. #wtf #thatshitsracist

The Wizard of Oz in town square tonight. #rundorothyrun

The coolest place on Earth.

Kingston city hall at dusk. #clocktower #aboltoflightning

A plaque in Kingston. I add: And all the Natives were like, "Who the fuck are these guys?"

A plaque in the Kingston Harbour. To which I add: And all the Native people were like, "Who the fuck are these guys?" #colonialpropaganda

The view from the 500-level. Roof is open. Sunday afternoon baseball. Woop. #gojays

The view from friend Dave's apartment. Solid. #london,on #sweet

Canadian grafitti. #tagging #london

The beach at Port Stanley happy birthday to me!

Look Here Junior killing it at The Horseshoe Tavern tonight in Toronto. #sweetbeats #TwoOfUsTrip

Roof is closing at Skydome. This is taking forever. #thatswhatshesaid

Not a bad view for the Jays/White Sox game tonight. I hope the roof stays open. #skydome #rainraingoaway #TwoOfUsTrip

Lake Ontario at the Toronto Harbour. #TwoOfUsTrip

Shopping on Queen Streer near Spadina. The CN Tower chills out to our right. #thebigsmoke #TwoOfUsTrip

At Goldstone Noodle House in Chinatown, Toronto. Lets eat. Lets drink. #CONGEE #TwoOfUsTrip

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