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Eat. Shop. Stay. Golf. The inside scoop on where the PGA TOUR pro's frequent while on the road, from a TOUR Wife's perspective!

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Do you think like a pair of these for XMas?!?

My horse is a badass! #Winning #Horses

The ShotSki made its Texas debut!!! #ParkCityHolidayTradition

At our house, we fry our turkeys. ... This ones for you!! #Vegan #FriedTofurkey

Finally got the pic of my "big win" scanned! looks good holding my trophy! :)

Getting bigger. Being told to evacuate.

From our front porch.... NOT good.

thought if I wore this it might bring him some luck tday ... Beantown -this ones for you!

PIC! Flooded Delaware River. Bc of extensive flooding, having to drive WAY out of our way to Boston

Delaware River flooded. Bc of flooding all around NY/NJ we are having to drive WAY out of our way to get to Boston

's post round / pre hurricane snooze.

Preparing for armageddon at the grocery story in Jersey. Yikes.

Wet. :(

Next stop, Jersey baby!

Leaving Utah was hard but coming home to these beauties made it a lil' easier! Thanks to !!!!

Omg! Is it true? Or a mirage? Utah?

Competitive? fans! Make your pick for -- or !!

Hello friends!!! Woke up to this at my parents house this morning in Park City!

is uses to trophies but this is a first for me! My horse Cinco and I kicked butt today! :)

Seriously?? Bow chikka wow wow!!

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