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The epic summer of outer space awesomeness continues! This is the actual Apollo 8 command module!

The incredibly cool Juno launch medallion that I won in the #JunoHaiku contest arrived today! Thanks !

Okay, let's zoom in! Time for some afocal photography taken at a magnification of 139x. Behold… Tycho!

Tonight the moon is something like 84% or 89% illuminated depending on which iOS app you trust.

Tonight I took a friend and her family out to look at the Waning Gibbous moon. Educational outreach merit badge earned!

Here is the same image after some photoshop love on the shadows, highlights, and midtone contrast.

Here the same image after some photoshop love on the shadows, highlights, and midtone contrast.

Just snapped this photo of the full moon through my telescope. Camera is WB to fluorescent, ISO 200, shutter speed 1/60

Wondering where Juno is 1 week after launch? Using Eyes on the Solar System, I made a quick map to show it's location.

Oh cool! I received my SETIStar certificate today via email! The ATA is back online!

For my followers who were not at the Juno Tweetup, here's a group photo of all the space tweeps (taken by )

What an experience! Here is just one of my many launch photos:

Bill Nye the Science and Planetary Guy is rocking the #NASATweetup tent!

Mission manager, launch services program: Rex Engelhardt. He's the man who buys the rockets. #NASATweetup

What an honor! NASA's Chief Administrator, Charlie Bolden talking about the future of our space program! #NASATweeetup

NASA's chief scientist, Dr. Waleed Abdalati discussing the Mars water topic! #NASATweetup

Andy Aldrin (Buzz Aldrin's son) is discussing Atlas rockets with us! #NASATweetup

A view of Juno's launch pad from the #NASATweetup area. Such a privilege to be here!

I have a framed poster of Discovery hanging in my living room. Now I'm standing right by the real thing! #NASATweetup

I can't believe that I'm seeing this in person! There's simply no describing it. #NASATweetup