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Today's wolf tarantula #lycosa in my living room. I captured the spider & released him in a comfy new home!


I am in a bubble of LIGHT...

I am in a bubble of LIGHT...

P.O.V. #dog walk with Scrappy!

P.O.V. #dog walk with Scrappy!

Peeps. Purple. Perverse. Bizarre!

it Does look just like my MacBook Pro!

this sweet cat is the only good thing I got from a really bad relationship with a brilliant bipolar man.

Oh I have only 1 cat now - Miss Juliette went to heaven a week ago. Argh! After 19 years, I'm so spaced.

my night is going okay so far. Catching up socially since my 19 year old cat died :( buried her a week ago.

great to tweet you! I'm a vinyl remastering queen! (really) :)

you should change your password. Here's a photo of the direct message I received Sunday.

When day breaks I'll bury Juliette. I've cried & haven't left her side since she died. Sweet dreams beloved #cat

My 19 year old sweet cat, Miss Juliette, died today. I'll bury her in the garden tomorrow. #cat :(

Nice to tweet you ♨ I think of this photo as my "I of the Storm"

Cash or Charge?

I love #synchronicity ~ it makes me tingly! A very good thing

Surprise! I like to make lamps!

here's another lighting trip of mine:

here's one lamp I made!

Scrappy in his holster!