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Web/Mac/iOS Programmer - I run The CocoaBots, purveyors of fine Cocoa code and wares.

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Bwahaha — some quality composition on today. Who passes this shit as "news"? Love the ghost!

Useful, LLDB. I didn't actually need to see the values of those variables. Oh wait, yes, I really did:

My search logs 30 seconds after showing my new site has proper search:

Blocking Farmville — because that's just how I roll, bitches:

I didn't stop any uploads/downloads for my test — seems OK:

It looks like has a strange post-it note related affliction:

Firefox 4.0 — whacky titlebar gradients FTW. It's fast, but feels like a "we're still relevant" release...

I've just switched to using Meslo LG M DZ - 11pt for my coding and terminal fonts: eg.

Man, bruised ankle is bruised:


Oh FFS mother nature, don't you have anything better to do?

Has anyone ever seen iChat's "Window" menu do this before? WTF:

Whole buncha new themey bits on

I didn't get an option to do that:

"Your eyeballs look delicious... I mean, nice. They look nice." --

and I have our outfits chosen for WWDC2011:

Anyone else think the expression Jimmy Wales has in the wikipedia promo is the "just did a sneaky fart" face?

My sales have gone temporal:


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