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Today, in summary:

And done. Easiest, laziest baking ever:

Buns. Because buns.

Knew I had a card somewhere:


Look out for my new range of Nexus 7 accessories, coming soon:

The cover doesn't lie: #packedfullofusefulstuff

But also this view:

From earlier today: my team went on a short typographic pilgrimmage:

Parcel of the day:

*Yawns, blinks, blunders off to work*

Tech! Diversity!

Cateye don't make a rear light helmet mount. So, er, improvisation FTW:

Can anyone read the caption on this pic? I get 'polluted water' (dyeing?) then anti-?, accelerating..

Got home in time for an audience with his lordship:

News from home: apparently Hunter was waiting for someone, then dozed off:

What, all of it?

No. Thanks.

New mural outside our office this week:

Shopping online is not creating: