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In a small restaurant in Nagasaki. With three cats. And this decor. One for you, :

Nagasaki. A good place to go if you want a stark reminder of the awful things people can accomplish.

It's cheap, it's (mostly) coffee flavoured, and I couldn't survive here without it (see also: MisterDo refills):

'Zeitgeisty', 1996:

'Zeitgeisty', 1996:

£15. For this. Still, the last one saved the lens it was atached to, so.

Meanwhile, here's Hunter's latest pose:

Windows 8 UI design influence finally revealed:

Thanks, Hunter. You're really helping (except maybe 猫のために、勉強をできません)

Went out to sort the grass, found a tiny frog/toad living in it. Named him Dennis:

Shove it up your arse, Cameron. Most appropriate charity to give this pathetic Daily-Mail-mollifying bribe to?

Well, this just gets stranger:


New app finally submitted for review (after a lot of iOS7ifying). On a Saturday night. What?

"When I look at you, I can sense that you didn't hire a proofreader":

"When I look at you, I can sense that you didn't hire a proofreader":

Thanks, - just my kind of cup:

What's that? Can I hear BREAKFAST? (nope):

Morning coffee. Morning cat. #itweetaboutCAT

Glad that iOS7 is finally out. We've had this celebratory cover for the next app in the wings for a while: