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Sports Writer at @independent and @theipaper. In Pretoria for #Oscartrial. One time Olympics Correspondent. Essex Boy and still vaguely proud of it.

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Very gracious twittering from south west trains, but you've got to hope the problem's been solved in the 11 hour gap

Picture quiz: how many Chelsea filth can you spot?

Are there plans for regulation of newspaper readers? On grounds that someone, somewhere, may buy this:

check out what i had to face on mumsnet, where there's now a whole forum about me...

Mail on Lou Reed more boring than nasty. This funny though. An accountant's son, with a leather jacket!Oh, the shame.

Weirdest thing you've ever seen in a pub?

Nice to see the looking on the bright side of life.

Lady Gaga, now a canary. Next time, please, just waterski down the red carpet dressed as a shark jumping over Fonzie

Just to let you know , you can't influence something's DNA. Just 1 example of gold medal twatspeak here

you've got a lot without a doubt. But I'm thinking 'bout blowing you out, caaas....

Charles Hodges. David Peacock. It's your planet. We just live here

Huge queue for the gents. Ladies deserted. Must be a Chas and Dave gig...

Wow. has been keeping very quiet about his #xfactor success.

"will this be the cash cow that saves the Independent?" asks :

Congrats to (who grew up down my road) on little baby, which remarkably weighs less than Lampard

(it was a joke, never mind)

didn't you once claim conflating news story a with news story b wasn't funny & isn't comedy? Exhibit a:

won't happen. I offered to punch Klitschko's lights out for free last week & the prick just laughed

Can confirm is a great big spine-tingling West End megastar. And still bang tidy, even when green.

Come on then you perennially useless shower. I am ready. READY. #glastofest