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Sports Writer at @independent and @theipaper. In Pretoria for #Oscartrial. One time Olympics Correspondent. Essex Boy and still vaguely proud of it.

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Park Live is superb, and this is just one side of it. When Cav wins, this place will go batshit

here (hope no one out there's got a restraining order on you)

Here, the first glimpse of Danny Boyle's vision of a green and pleasant land.

There's Michelle Obama. Dare I say it? Yes. She is not unattractive.

This is pretty good for the ego mind

Here we are assembled, without a cup of tea even, to watch Michelle Obama eat breakfast. This is Louis XIV type stuff.

Here they are.

New bins on the park, just for ponchos. One bit of budget no one will care a jot to see wasted

Can you spot the topless German Olympian?

The BMX arena. Spectacular but still a hard hat area with 2 days to go. Understandable however given weather.

And now some bosh cyclist with his massive thighs has rocked up at our welcome ceremony. The temerity.

TeamGB boss Andy Hunt signing truce wall - in shorts. Reminded of Hollywoods' Romford's "summer amnesty" trouser policy

Coe, Boris and Hugh Robertson all up for the national anthem mind. Good little Tories

Clegg and Princess Anne standing for Olympic anthem. Coe and Boris (righty) can't be arsed. Bloody hot.

Sun shining. Queen playing. TeamGB in tracksuits. Grinning thesps on stilts in Elvis wigs. Boris looking on enraptured.

The Cambodian Olympic team, but alas minus the ineligible Japanese cat impersonating comedian marathon runner

Welcome to the Kings Cross Travelodge, my home for the next 3 weeks. Form an orderly queue ladies...

The British transport police's 12 strong dog search team have given up and got the DLR

And one more in close up

A front garden in Walthamstow. Absolutely fopping magic