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Sports Writer at @independent and @theipaper. In Pretoria for #Oscartrial. One time Olympics Correspondent. Essex Boy and still vaguely proud of it.

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Ministry of Shit Design Special Achievement Award here. You can't put a plug in this socket without switching it off.

I know your jeans and three stripe aren't in shot mate, but you still look like a nob. Would a full suit kill you?

Meanwhile, where Fleet Street mainly piled in on bloodcurdling screams, the South African papers are more restrained

Carl pistorius fights his way through the media scrum inside the court house

But then there's the second scrum,
Outside court

Opposite the North Gauteng high Court The #Pistorius circus is fully formed

Only one story on South Africa's front pages today

Heavy fog hanging over normally sunny Pretoria. Three hours to go. #Pistorius

Stressful job, that President of the USA malarkey innit

Mate in Bangkok, having lunch, reading my Pistorius article in the Bangkok Sunday Post. Since when did we do that?

And yet, like a wasp flying up a window, biologically incapable of learning, I am stil going to click on it.

Yet more strikes it seems. Fifty grand a year they get for describing trains, and still they do this. This country!

Something iiiiiiii should have learned. You're indestructibaaaale...(dum. dum.) GOLD! (argh) Always belieeeevi-ing

Well rather walloped that. Half a second faster than yesterday. Barring a miracle, cue Tony Hadley...

When the evening is spread out against the sky....go on the #sochi2014

See the green camo tent? Thats Russian army patrolling Sochi woodland. They had white tents 3 wks ago but now no snow

My goodness. #Sochi cable car cafe wilfully serving "Olympic Dinner." This would not have happened on Locog's watch.

At the Skeleton, the Russians form a circular conga. Yet another masterclass in uncoolness. No one can touch them.

Very hot at the skeleton track. I'm in t-shirt. The blinds are down to protect the ice. Nothing for spectators to see

The "Yarney Army" are here at Sankey Sliding Center. Gold hope Lizzy off in half an hour. #sochi2014