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Sports Writer at @independent and @theipaper. In Pretoria for #Oscartrial. One time Olympics Correspondent. Essex Boy and still vaguely proud of it.

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#pistorius has left. Some excellent stylised photo bombing from too...

ITV, The Times, The Telegraph, The Mirror and the Sydney Morning Herald wait for #pistorius to emerge #oscartrial

You buy the local rag to see what's going on, and what do you're in it. Pretoria News - you're welcome

And here in Pretoria, look what's pushed #Pistorius off the front pages...

#Pistorius £3,000 cancelled invoice for guns & ammo. You can get a morning's worth of Barry Roux for about the same.

Can you discharge your firearm at burglars stealing your hi-fi? Oscar writes "No. Life not endanger."

#pistorius's firearms competency test. "Attack must be against you, and must be unlawful." Damning.

There they go, Batman and Rouxbin, flanked by a court cleaner in his best Guantanamo chic.

what do you know? Just now. Right outside the Pistorius court house

This morning 1st in two wks when it's been worth snapping the South African Parliament Building from my hotel window.

Pistorius chatting at entrance to his lawyers chambers. He's had a decent day, but think he's still trailing overall

#Pistorius off many of South Africa's front pages today. De ja vu anyone?

is 12 hours before Matt too soon?

Outside the #pistoriustrial, a curious triptych of headline posters from the Pretoria News

exclusive pics released of unwrapping call of duty 5

Advertised outside #pistoriustrial. Could someone forward to Max Clifford?

"Economic Freedom in our Lifetime" read these political ralliers t-shirts. Mandela was sentenced to life inside here.

Morning. #oscarpistorius is here. Kick off in 14 minutes.

Ministry of Shit Design Special Achievement Award here. You can't put a plug in this socket without switching it off