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I think you stand under me if you don't understand me.

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Damn Idk what to get help me.

Sisig Pizza. Yes Sisig PIZZA.

Prolly the best fortune cookie I got.

2:30am & I'm still up with this girl hahaha

Why is my mom wearing arm sleeves right now.

Taken by

What other reason would there be to turn it down. #HeSkurd


Clip from Terminator 2. Seen it hella times & just noticed what he's rockin'.


damn my bed does have that effect but shit dont have to put it out there

me & my grandma back in the day daaayum told yall she had a fro haha

OBEY snapback $25 OBO


wtf kinda product is this?! philippines though haha

Pops: 'Welcome to the DMV.'