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I build shiny things for iOS. Organise @fruitconf + @bcbournemouth. Run @webuildstuff. Probably stuck on a delayed train..

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Financial data “protected” by flash and this password policy. Beggars belief.

Added a “special thanks” section to my early morning pull request

Just found a triforce in one of our monitoring systems - impressed.

Safari’s web inspector is optimistic with page load times..

Yay! I’m all booked for ! :D

Just seen a “cheeseburger pizza” *shudder*. This shouldn’t be a thing..

I’m using you as test data today ;)

I thought you’d want to know that I’m using you for a prototype.. have I got it right? ;)

What an interesting shape for a new storyboard to create a view at.. #ios #conspiracy

Got a working prototype of configuring my projects, builds & users. Awesome. #puppetize

Best iOS 8 bug: when launching an app that supports an upside down orientation, it launches upside down..

a couple of donations coming your way..

a couple of donations coming your way..

I don’t even..

Started out with a “not completely horrific” playlist by . Playlist ends with some ‘classics’..

Seriously impressed with Swift - Enumerations are awesome - any/no backing type, default initialisers. #ios


How I wish this wasn’t photoshopped.. I miss the cheeky Apple / Bertrand Serlet of 2006