Amateur comic. Not yet booed off stage. Pic with @Hyzenthlay9. I get too many mentions. My username is on my card, stop asking for it. RT != Endorsement

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Oh my. Neue or whatever... It's pretty. So pretty. Even uses a faux tweet sheet. Needs "use latest photo".

Assgasket, is distributed spamming me. It’s like a DDOS but on Twitter.

Again, would like to secretly announce that for iOS is going away. DLC has been broken for a while.

Sometimes the main tab slides up a bit and when selected, the main view pane is empty.

0.6.1 bug report which I’m having problems e-mailing, just attaching is easier. Sorry.

After removing all friends, and all “suspended profiles”, I still have 3 hidden friends. Wtf?

do you read tweets? people are still spamming me on behalf of one of your bands, due to their BTK APP et al

if this helps with your jealousy, ask to see his mentions, and look at mine:

On boot, your mac app throws these errors, just FYI.

Do you know what bug I need to subscribe to in order to help with this one: (i'm on latest beta)

I don't know about Canton…

congrats, , if I register by connecting to twitter, it asks if I have an account, and when I say no...

from Spaz HD Beta Preview 3

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at least is letting users know to change their passwords right on the homepage after they log in.

I hate for pulling the subway technique but being even confusing. Why not make a unified 'base' product?


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I now completely regret buying the TouchPad on . Thanks to for the disappointment. 

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-Support just got my touchpad yesterday and now I'm getting this error message 

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awww yeah, $10.68 for a touchpad charger and case. thanks .

I had my GF do it too, here's a side by side.