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I am a photographer and professional dinosaur trainer. I may blog about photography marketing strategies, but I tweet about food and traveling. Hello!

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That's a FIRST! #SXSWi bound! Mmm A1..

Oopa! The only thing missing is broken plates.

I'm learning so much from ! What a wicked platform class. #WPPI

Consulting my sources for new ideas... #whereinlasvegas

I vote that all meetings be held in suites bc room service allows me to stay in PJs.

It's here. It's big. And it means a bajillion dollars per updated pricing e-book! Even I've upgraded.

LA + sprinkle of rain is a recipe for disaster (3 accidents in 2 miles).

I've never not finished a beer, so I hope this wine cork works the same way :x

I'm keeping it classy tonight. Julie is SO lucky.

I was like score(!) when I located a secret bar in an artsy yet infamously dangerous East LA barrio.

Just had a pre-workout appetizer.

$52 later. This "fresh" thing better be worth it.

AH my arm!

Sunny side up egg on pizza - that's innovation. :)

If I find the seeds, I'd grow a forest of them.

Fellow gLee fans - jealous much? :D

I never get bored of the birthing process.

Look at what's up my sleeve ;)

Good thing I brought my loose pants.

Someone cut in front of me and Bellagio concierge upgraded my suite. Yay!