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these are my mountains :)

this is what we are going for (modeled by )

built a button test rig #nodebots #arduino #atmel #nodejs

are we having fun yet? I think so!

most important window on my desktop:

one case down

more polygon offsetting, doing it right this time with automatic jpg generation + failure dimensions

so, I'm trying to organize the grbl settings into a UI. Any ideas on how to make this less horrible? #UX

and now we've got grbl exposed to the browser!

works for me

current state of new desk w/mini cnc prototype

new desk w/macbook

picture taken on the new desk

poly offsetting / clipping code fails pretty hard on some cases. will need to re-work with better algorithms.

polygon offsetting + clipping into a bounds. very close.

how does this make you feel?

I don't always etch my own PCBs, but when I do I keep it real

got away with only 3 jumpers. toner transfer time!

this is what my cnc looks like when it's in pieces. #scorchedearth

All soldered up and ready for failure!