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: I found this while stocking at work. So awesome

Cup one of two for 's table

No one drive tonight, OVI task force setting up in Akron somewheres

Swagger: On

Relaxation never looked so good

#tweetyourlockscreen because I am beyond bored at work. Also didn't know if I could screenshot it on Android

Blue moon spring on tap at Thursdays

Learning how to do things left handed because some one is sleeping...

New computers at work. I love boxes!

Would you? Because I am...

I see your bells and raise up a winter sampler 9 pack.

All I wanted was some cheese :(

Riding Millennium Force, by myself, front row, before the park opens. Hell yeah.

look our bar changed hands again. One of these times we have to snatch it up lol

Made me think of and his iced tea obsession

My FIJI water isn't could enough. #firstworldproblems

My photo bag is bigger than my suitcase haha. Cant wait for H20i!

Just found an artist's rendering of the Rec from 2004. Its kind of close, I guess.

Not what I was expecting when I opened up this cabinet. This hurts my eyeballs.

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