I'm sarcastic and Northern. If my Tweets offend you I can stop if you like? Or you can fuck off.. second option is easier.

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According to small child... This is a catalogue for bears who want to buy dogs.

*blank face*

Done a night shift.. And then made these... I am AMAZING

What number are you today?

You're still ugly on mine.

Thanks to the kindness of Twitter... I have created this for tomorrow.

I reused it for victorian day, because I'm a tight bitch like that

up at top next to name.. If it doesn't say anything then they aren't x

Possibly the biggest M&M EVER... I stood it next to an elephant so you could tell just how big it is.

I prefer this motorboat ..

are you going to play it on some clackers?

I have to play it on these 'clackers'...


Nooo mum... Clackers... Silly..

*rocks in corner*

Small child has just passed me this and instructed me to play it....

*blank face*


It's Tweets like this that keep me on Twitter.

*perches on edge of seat*

Here is a photo of a ginger who has had sex with TWO people!

You may close the internet now.

Right I'm off on the school run... Just need to squeeze this in to some size 10 skinny jeans first ...

I'm sorry.. Here I'll post it.. Save you the bother ..

I asked small child to take it.....

this cunt in a onesie is a good place to start

Is it wrong that I just laughed so much a bit of wee came out?