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Ladies and gentlemen! Life in the most expensive city in America. Because the important people get shuttle buses.

If you're planning to take the 71 because the #NJudah is broken, I hope you can get here in 7 minutes.

I hate Muni.

at least you have a bus


It's Monday! My weekly NJudah on time performance to date? ZERO PERCENT. #SFMuni

If I have learned anything this week, it's that the N Judah wants me to get fired #SFMuni

Ohh, and the 71 is completely worthless too. Awesome. Thanks #SFMuni


What a shock. The N Judah has a Major delay. During rush hour. When I'm trying to get home. AGAIN. #SFMuni

Dear #sfmuni: it is UNACCEPTABLE to expect people to wait 28 MINUTES for a train. DURING RUSH HOUR. #shame

For real ? Last night I couldn't get home and now I can't get to work?

For Fuck's Sake, ...

Wow . What I wouldn't give to work less than a 10 minute walk from N Judah. #unpaidovertime #stupid

For my 10th wedding anniversary #SFMuni gave me this. I hope my husband enjoys our romantic dinner by himself.

Wow. is officially the NICEST GUY EVER. A sheynem dank!

They Might Be Giants. They might be awesome. Birdhouse with horns :) w/ .

Merry Christmas. #fb #dogsinhats

Oh, SF. Someday I might be lucky enough to live in a city where the airport can function WHEN IT'S FOGGY.

Well, the dogs are happy. Because one thing Romney never waffled on is his clear hatred of dogs. #fb

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