Just a girl. Londonish, tallish, currently extremely blonde. Not natural.

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Ha! :) Youve got this to look forward to in that London:

#chickenprincess Especially for

Looking forward to Christmas?

Beautiful card from
She has a lovely heart, as well as being blonde,liking bats & being arty & crafty


Sunday dinner.

Stock up? It's £20, not £200 :-/

Yorkshire puddings. Southern style. Hater's gonna hate.

I'm being taken for coffee & cake. It sounds lovely, but I've had to get out of my warm bed for this.
#coffee #cake

I have this for lunch. ONKEN.

So this turned up earlier, just as I left the house. (I might* have something in my eye.)

Got a bit bored, so decided to bleach any remaining molecule of colour from my hair. As you do.

As promised earlier, this is my new shower curtain. #ducks

I did, a couple of weeks ago. Had to be done.

I use this all the time-can highly recommend it.

I'm drinking this. It isn't as coconutty as I'd thought it'd be :-/

1992? You were ahead of your time even then. THIS, from 1990.

Go away coffee, I've found a new friend.

THIS just turned up, literally 2 minutes ago. A CHRISTMAS CARD. IN SEPTEMBER. Wtaf?!

I've just finished watching it, after visiting her house & garden last week. http://twitpic.com/ebkrww