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I work for a medical company, live for God, my wife and Jr. High student ministry. Life's a blast, don't waste it!

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is a pirate for the day! ;-)

Why the heck is Barry 'Effin' Gibb All over billboards in Little Rock!?

If anyone needs a microwave or knows someone who needs one this one is free! It's clean, and works great!

It strikes me as odd that Americans celebrate the birth of our great nation by blowing up things from China!

Snow capped mountains in Arkansas? In the middle of June? What the heck?!

Size 18.. Note head for size comparison!

Man, I love this little guy! Thanks you're the best!

Man, I love this guy!

This is not how Microsoft spells kinect !

has posted a #zombie survival guide on their website in a joking manor.. But I knew this day would come.

Modest women: DO NOT SHOP AT KHOL'S.

Waiting at the DMV.. My favorite part of the day!

Three cylinders of pure torque. #fb

Yes.. That is a Lance Bass bobble head doll. So what?

Bike's on the truck.

Oh no! My jacket has a hump!

What the heck? AT&T, you are full of crap!

This is the rest of the store.

If I were into the cloths at Forever 21 this is the sieve of the area I would have to choose from.

is a hunter in bass pros wii hunting game!

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