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Tourist Ten Yen's playing London, England tomorrow night at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes

It's a miracle.

Shit, it'll sink!

Ha, amazing, this is right in the centre of London

Also that can of cider that exists simultaneously in 4 dimensions is back

Every now and again I have a right diva fit and demand everyone else in the road side services is kicked out so I can enjoy some privacy

Handsome fella

You know in the 2nd Lord Of The Rings film where Gandalf comes back wiser with whiter whiskers...

You know that bit in the 2nd Lord Of The Rings film where Gandalf reappears after being presumed dead, whiter and wiser....

When first arriving at festival site, first thought was "hmmm, would the radio mic still be in range"

Pub Cat sensed my nerves so came to rescue..

Am at wedding evening venue - nice pub, and there's THIS:

Bob Van and Dylan Morrison on the same bilĺ

TTY's personal bus

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