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Designer at Circa. Adobe Fireworks enthusiast. Techy, lazy gif hoarder. King of onomatopoeia.

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gettin' with 2013!

Background story on Spotify: the app was originally planned to be a photo editor for eyebrows, hence the logo:

sneak a Sticky Buddy into her grocery basket. #thatswhatimtalkingabout #wowwwww #aargggyahhhhhh

Did someone print out my face and use it as a totem pole at !? Thnx

Just wanna sit right down and thank for this EOD 6:00 surprise. This is what we pay you for!

I don't like Game of Thrones.

I love . I hate naming layers.

Spots on my iPhone 5 photos. This is enough to warrant a replacement, right? (There's no visible dust on the lens).

iOS pixel densities: and (and sometimes -568h). Android?…


Whomever takes over the CTO responsibility at can you do something about this PLEASE. #Fireworks #DeathError

Where the heck did this weird style of popup come from, Apple? Also ha oldie!

I've been letting these pile up since the dawn of … Prolly time for some spring cleaning... #Fireworks #styles

Woah crazy. I made a "skin" (theme) for Bebo years back that resembles that game's title screen a bit.


Abra Cadabrnostalgia!

That's a really pretty 4

OMG LiveView desktop client was just updated. Does that mean an App Store update with iPhone 5 support is coming too!?

This has to be one of the most hated, scariest, and vaguest dialog box to ever exist.

$APPL today reminds me of a old episode of Rugrats…

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