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I get these small cans of Coke here in the States, but not many places have them. A bit larger than yours:

{ Japan }
the Prime Minister's latest tweet that I had translated with the Twitterific tool:

The fish in Ponyo's world are Devonian Era species:

{ anime }
They knew a top-notch dub was required for this gem. Liam Neesom voices Ponyo's "father":

I wouldn't mind a house like that:

{ anime }
As in all miyazaki films, there are so many fine details, carefully rendered:

{ anime }
elfen lied, ep. 11
Many anime feature weak-willed guys, but kouta is brave & honorable:

{ language }
today's kanji, used in a sentence:

{ anime }
Working!, 6
Souta is burdened with 3 odd sisters:

{ anime }
kiss x sis
I like their dance, in the ED:

{ Japan }
explanation of Zaisu ( thanks, hiroto-San!)

{ anime }
Elfen lied, ep.10
They use a Japanese table, but what about those strange chairs??

I mean, he made purple look good:

{ movies }
Batman (1989)
I always thought Jack Nicholson's Joker was the most maniacal.

Japan has many vending machines selling a plethora of goods. Perhaps not this! Heh

{ college }
the college teams are called "The Wildcats", hence the paw on the street.

{ cartoon }
my hero!

{ anime }
warm weather means volleyball, for these girls:

{ anime }
elfen lied
Her disfigurement, and human cruelty, serve to break her mind:

{ anime }
elfen lied, ep. 9
Here we discover that kouta had met Lucy when they were kids, explaining much about later incidents.