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A big fan of Japanese culture; anime, manga, art. and music. I also tweet about jazz, history, science, photography, and everyday life. Welcome, friend.

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#anime Brynhildr At ep 11, the OP music became WAY better!

#ANIME A good policy, all around.

#Anime A side-tail girl is always a welcome addition.

#anime Majimoji Rurumo/ not an actual witch, but that's okay.

#ANIME Should be that way in the real World, as well.

#Anime A little advice? You see a girl rolling up a ball of antimatter: Run!

I agree.

#ANIME Rurumo / Mom is right to stare, definite shenanigans going on here.

#ANIME Non non Biyori 13 (OAV) I wouldn't worry, girls: plenty of food in Okinawa. Heh

#Anime Sabagebu/ Momoka confronts her good and bad angels.

#anime Magimoji Rurumo/ every teenage boy's nightmare: the suspicious mom.

#anime Rail Wars/ she's the best tsundere I've seen in a long time.

#Anime Yuru Yuri/ Kyoko invites herself over, to see Yui's new apartment.

your thing no worky:

#anime #MacBookAir Non non Biyori, 13 (OAV) didn't want to set up a bit torrent; streamed on AnimeFave. Good enough.

Lame mecha humor.

yes; been working on a small library. They are absurdly expensive, as you know.

#Japan It seems to me that driving a left-hand drive vehicle (an Audi, here) in Japan would cause a few problems.

#anime Spirited Away/ a nice detail; he slams on the brakes, and you see his foot vibrate from the anti-lock feature.

#Anime The way the clouds float off the horizon; a true Miyazaki trademark.