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A big fan of Japanese culture; anime, manga, art. and music. I also tweet about jazz, history, science, photography, and everyday life. Welcome, friend.

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#Anime Rurumo/ the boy falls before the wrath of the student monitors, one of whom has a history with him.

#Anime Brynhildr, in the Darkness, 12. Getting heavy now. That's gotta hurt!

#anime Time for a pop quiz! I'm feeling wicked, so here's your only clue. Good frigging luck.

Time to upgrade the bar tray. Dropped a C-note for these two babies.

I just watched that, too, on Japanese BD. Really good quality video.

My apologies to Mel: Sorry, Dude. I was thirsty!

#anime Locodol/ I want to go to their city, and buy a Papasonic camera. ☺️

exactly! The word looks so strange, right away. A special award, for your language skills:

#English Today's lesson: spot the mistake!

here you go: take what you like, friend!

Happy Friday, one and all! Biscuits and jam! My needs are simple.

#job 1)Production rates achieved 2) nothing blew up or caught on fire 3) It's Friday!

#anime Sabagebu/ the girls had been watching a yakuza film, so suddenly they are dressed for the roles.

That piece of pie looks good, but $325?! Umm; no thanks.

The smartest words I've seen in a long time.

#anime Sabagebu/ Did the prez and her minion think they were hid by that plant?? Bakayarou! Heh

#Anime Locodol/ who needs national idols? I love this concept of local idols. They rule!


#anime Magimoji Rurumo/ why; they are just normal boys (pretty much).

Kids in a museum, and what are they looking at?? <sighs>