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A big fan of Japanese culture; anime, manga, art. and music. I also tweet about jazz, history, science, photography, and everyday life. Welcome, friend.

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#photography Crossing boundaries, in Fog. ( West Virginia )

#music If this song doesn't relax you, none will.

#music If this song doesn't relax you, nothing will.

#music Buzzing through the "B"s.

#travel Point Pleasant, Ohio. General and President U S Grant was born in this small house, 1822.

#anime All Japanese super-idols: step aside! I only want to see the Locodol!

of course, I'll only attend when Kyoko-chan's circle is present.

#anime #NowOnNetflix East of Eden, Paradise Lost/ nicely drawn, but too political.

#anime A certain supercilious hall monitor is seen, exiting a cosplay shop, much to her embarrassment.

#anime Rurumo / The supercilious hall monitor is seen leaving the cosplay shop, much to her embarrassment.

It's Friday, and that's a good thing!

#ILoveJapan The candy (bontan ame) is wrapped in edible rice paper. You just eat it, as is. A good idea.

I thought they'd go with another OVA, but a second season would be better, without doubt.

I was feeling all wild and stuff, so I bought the High-Pulp orange juice. Woo, hoo! Pulpy!

#Anime Sabagebu/ Momoka tries out male cosplay, with dangerous results!

#Japan Candy so beautiful, I cannot open the package.

#anime Not a good idea, sending ruru-chan on an errand. She'll get lost, and grow a tree from her magical bonnet.

#anime The story is focused on the yuyu clique, but the other clique is a lot of fun, too.

#Japan Her striped uniform indicates a Lawson コンビニ.