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Resting up for #NMF6.3 by curling up with old-school Doctor Who. #nitynite

OMG this is awesome. Limp Wizurds at Dreamers. #NMF6

Limp Wizurds at Dreamers. Invoking Gary England!

Kick Nancy Down. #NMF6

Kick Nancy Down @ Dreamers. #NMF6

Oh hai, at Dreamers. #NMF6

And #NMF6 begins for me. Dammit I hate being short.

Awaiting the Glorious Appearing of at Blackwatch. #NMF6

If I give you this look will you put the phone away and GTFO?

Bowties are cool. Also tasty with marinara and melted provolone.

Come to Downtown Sound! We had cake!

It's the 'don't leave me I'm cute' pose designed for guilt.

Easter Bunny apparently understands #marchmadness

March mad enough.

Frozen solid. If I thaw it, will it be ruined?

Ernie Johnson. Maybe I was rash.

New telly + Indulging inner 7 year old via YouTube. #lazyfriday

Which monitor do I watch?

It says its a change maker. So when is it gonna change OK into a Blue state already?!