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I guess this solves the question I asked in previous tweet:

#hottest100 and a blackberry eating Jack Russell Terror atop Narrabundah Hill, Canberra:

Yup. Much easier when your only passenger spends most of the trip like this:

Now I've cleaned it, I better go ride it...

BLAMMMMMMO! (aka why I'm drinking beer at 12.30am on a school night):

And one more of Tarra Bulga (just to make you feel better about being stuck at work):

Another shot from yesterday's terrific ride through the Tarra Bulga NP:

In Yarram, Victoria, after riding scenic but v.sketchy Tarra Valley. Single lane, moss, leaves, washaways, etc.!

Only issue I've had is with the inner foam pads beginning to separate - but easily replaced:

Oops - always helps to attach the attachment:

On again, off again for today's (fast n' furious) ride. and up front as usual!

Pfft. Your #boganlife ain't nuthin' on mine:

I've eaten a heck of a lot of junk food in my time, but these must be in Top 10!

Good one, dickheads of Weston Creek - you've done it again:

2/2 ...and coincidentally, just came across my own efforts ('92):

#festive500 done - time for post-ride refueling, rehydrating, Grainger style!

Remember when all this crap *wasn't* available in stores?!

It's a long, lonely road for as he chases the last 100km for 's #festive500:

You make Santa sad (or it's just really hot):

I shall name him...Clicky: