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REALLY happy these tree limbs came down on the deck and not the aviary behind it. #windy #seattle

Another day in my little life

A day in my little life

Just another day in my little life

PRO TIP: When a product says this, you should read it BEFORE you use it, not after. #fail

A day in my little life.

#bobross #kcts #pbs

Waffles for dinner? Yes. #vegan

I thought I was cat sitting but these might be pirates. They keep perching on me. Birds maybe?

It's 7:02 on 12/13/12 just so you know.

Instagram is down???

The most self-serving conversation on GMO labeling yet. #foodD

Storm cloud looks cranky.

In WA state, track your ballot! http://info.kingcounty.gov/elections/ballottracker.aspx

The Biebs has changed his Instagram to a Canada goose. This amuses me. #sliggity

This match 3 game is super cute.

My lap chicken, Cindy Buttons, reporting for duty.

Ask about what happens after Startup Weekend: StartupNEXT http://bit.ly/PBZSTl

Jose kicking it for SW Next! #SWsea

"the shower is a metaphor" #SWsea