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BAY x SEA - Young thugga;Mind of a hustla'. Baydestrian.Richmond,CA. Keep it lit&1 hunnit B; I honestly don't give a fuck about a bitch feelings. ✌

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Awh went thru my email & found this pic frm the beginning of my senior year 09' ! I look stupid ugly.

Ah snow on babes car, I can't wait to have a snow fight wid this nigga!!!!!!!

Happy birthday to my baby girl cynthiaaa!!!

Haa trrrruee most of us is in Rich cityyy.

Leftovers, hahahaha imma be off all this tonight

my favorite pic of me & babes

Lil black niece cried herself to sleep, YEEEEESSSSS. Thank you jaayzus!!!

New years

My cute little fluffy niece!!

Happy New Years!!

Meet my young thugga/co wrker Lyna

A pic before moms leave to go party wid tha JAGZ. Hahaha

Mhmm you're missing out right now...

Lmfao I'm too bored rapping to this nigga thru text Lolz, peep that shit y'all ! Hahahaha

Me-"so who makes the kool aid?" in her annoying hyphy ass voice-"the Kool aid man!!" lmao

haha imma send a pic it thisss one right here, shots cute AF.

She be KO'd!!!!

She be KO'd!!!!

Both of deez niggas is knocked out!!!!! Had a rough night last night hahaha

Lasssssst night,