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Media smart ass, Nevada political tracker. New Jersey born, Vermont raised. Bad speller. Thoughts my own... Funny when I want too. Comedy podcast super fan.

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Your Facebook post on the iPhone app made a great unintentional laugh from the assbackwards pics

Hey look everybody print media is officially dead in Sacramento. #ripbee #groupon

Word missing from this sticker... Adult... Cc

this is what happens when they see a old employee mention them on twitter

I think was hacked...

now I see 9:11 too

With this email you sent me I'm officially not buying your products until you drop this kid.

want one of these

I think my work wifi is slow.

Dear because of your preempting local news all over the country this picture came out of one affiliate.

Bravo you just made me laugh with your suggestion after the hunger games

Actor most likely to play the pope.

is Tahoe the smallest venue for this tour?

just got my Harmon book in the mail. Can't wait to read what I've read free on the Internet.

Hey I think your email have the wrong idea about Martin Luther King day.

I think this is what Doctor King fought for civil rights so hard.

found your new logo for Children's hospital.

Conversation with my mom on Facebook

Conversation with my mom on Facebook