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I'm really bad at 3 things. Singing, and counting.

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look who I ran into. at the expo. #TwitPict

I dare any lady in the Thugjitsu Nation to text this #. btw that's my lil cuz in the pic, not his #. #TwitPict

one reason why I'm never going to house ever again. this is outside his front door. :0 #TwitPict

the don't take my purse lady, and the infamous green purse. #TwitPict

Fell asleep playing Madden. Look at the down and yardage. I do this $¥it all the time. #TwitPict

god is good. #TwitPict

my new mouthguard from . reppin' the 242. #TwitPict

a reminder on TX-71 for all you heathens driving around. #TwitPict

Driving directions from my house to Tokyo. I think my iPhone is being a dick! >:( #TwitPict

Look I found god!!! ;) #TwitPict

I don't think my phone knows I'm not a christian. it does want to kill me though. #TwitPict

tattooed truth. #TwitPict

reading this book is making me lol all over the Htown galleria. #TwitPict

this was this persons new ride and they parked it like shit. #TwitPict

I like to leave people notes when they ark shitty. #TwitPict

Neo victorious. perfect night!!! congrats and #TwitPict

The secret weapon victorious sec into the 1st rd!!! What!!! #TwitPict

kicking it old skool!!! we're missing though. :/ #TwitPict

mission accomplished!!! #TwitPict