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This was parked outside of my Lowes

- Holy crap!

Nothing like seeing this kind of delivery to level out a Monday

Setting up an XBOX at work was probably the smartest thing I've ever done.

OMG. The guy next to us totally looks like Morgan Freeman.

I want a Flash Thompson Venom 1:4 Scale PF please :D

This is why I love my wife. Fruit served in an 8 Bit classic. She #MadeItWork

Bought my 18 mo son his own copy of & 's Justice League 1. Gotta prepare the future.


Happily sporting my tee for school picture day. Thanks to this teacher's shot will be awesome!

Friday meetings are my favorites

Unwinding with a tall Chocolate Milk in a Batman glass. Yeah....I'm 7.

made my refrigerator at work. More companies should include stickers.

- This awesome one?

Got my awesome Lightcycle Racing Team shirt from ! Off to the laundry!

Lol. Gyllenhaal Memes are awesome

I for the life of me am not sure why but this has me laughing so hard everytime I see it.

Got my prize pack! Complete with autographed picture!

When you get a delivery from it means that you do laundry immediately to wear it the next day!

Got an Arc on one arm and Dr. Manhattan's mark on the other.